NEW!   Original Artwork available here!  Custom creations available as well.

We don’t just think out-side the box, but out-side the paradigm.  We’ve learned the rules so we know how and when to break them.  We always try to give the client what they want, but we will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.  The phrase I hear most often is “ you where right, I love it”.   That’s not ego, that’s a paradigm shift.

On the flip side, integrity is everything.  We’d rather lose a job than do something unsafe, unethical, or not in the best interests of our clients.

Our focus is on the client who doesn’t think they can afford to hire a designer, or thinks their particular tastes are too  “off the wall”.  We don’t sell any products, get any kickbacks  or referral fees.  We create solutions.  The bigger the challenge the more fun we have, together.  If you hire Kay Richards Design, you become part of the team.

The difference between a decorator and a designer; a decorator makes things pretty, a designer solves problems.

The general misconception with hiring a designer is that it will cost too much.  In reality, a designer can create a plan on most budgets that you can implement as time and budget allows.  It takes the trial and error, stress and second guessing out of the equation.

Naturally, life happens and circumstances change.  A good designer can roll with the punches and either find and alternate route, or find you a new destination.

How we’re different

At Kay Richards Design, we delve a little deeper.  By understanding who you are and why/how you make decisions, we can create a design, or solve a problem that bests reflects your needs.

We can work with any budget.  One of our  specialties is the ‘Use what you Have’ design service.  We’ll work with you to “shop” your own home for what you need.  Don’t have exactly what you need?  We can help you re-purpose items you already own.  If you’re crafty, we’ll show you what to do.  Want to try, but a little tentative?  We’ll work side by side.  No desire to DIY, we can do it for you or refer you to someone who can.

I first learned about Kay through a work colleague who raved about her creativity and how she helped her transform her beat up dresser into a work of art. I was intrigued and hired Kay to help me re-decorate my living areas because they were oddly shaped rooms and I just couldn’t figure out how to arrange the furniture and pull the whole room together in a cohesive, functional and aesthetically pleasing way. Kay was able to transform my living room and what I the “diva den” into beautiful spaces. I was so pleased, I hired her again to then help me redecorate the master bedroom and home office. I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to satisfy the chandelier/Versailles lover with the pink flamingo, fur rug lover in me and transform the rooms into sophisticated yet fun spaces. I brought her back again to help me redesign my kitchen. She saved me thousands. Kay has redesigned almost every room in my home and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Because of Kay, nearly every guest has commented on how beautiful my home now appears.

Regina H., Springfield, VA

Saved me Thousands!

“Kay was able to harmonize our rooms using color and affordable furnishings.  She created a beautiful and relaxing space with a unique but widely appealing style.”  -Anne C, Sterling VA

Beautiful relaxing space